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More than a third of the world’s population prayers are aimed towards the Holy Land of Israel.  All major Abrahamic religions: Christianity, Judaism and Islam – cherish and dream of the Holy Land Tierra Santa for centuries and millenniums. During the Christian Crusades history and crusaders timeline there have been constant search and desire for the Christian holy sites.

Well known Holy Land sites as Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Nazareth along with smaller places such as Sepphoria (Tzippori), the sea of the Galilee, Mount tabor, Garden of Gethsemane, Tabgha, Cana, Capernaum which was small villages during Jesus Christ’s lifetime and became worldwide famous for their high spiritual meaning.  The Holy Land calls us all to grab The Holy Land Map and follow Jesus’s footsteps, time line, and experience the Holy Land in its full glory.

The Holy Land View Picture

Today it is possible to sign for Holyland pilgrimage tours, cruises & trips and explore the Christian Holyland. Nothing compares to following Jesus Christ by reading the Christian holy bible and gospels while visiting in the same ancient holyland places.

Naturally, Worldwide Christians are connected to Israel and share the same deep bond as Jesus and the Holy Land. vision is to offer a spiritual window to all Christians dreaming to visit, aim their prayers or spiritually connected with God’s Holyland. If you plan holyland tour, cruise or trip – this site is the best source to start with. If you cannot afford a visit to the Holy Land of Israel – here you can view how the Christian holy bible sites and places appear as mentioned in the bible and the gospels or as seen by Christian Crusaders and sites of Pilgrims along history.

Holy Land Christian Basilica Church of the Annunciation

Holy Land Christian Basilica Church of the Annunciation

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