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14 stations way of the Cross – Via Dolorosa Jerusalem

The Via Dolorosa (“Via Della Rosa”) also known as Jesus Way of the Cross and 14 stations of the Cross rout is one of the most important and meaningful Holy Land attractions to worldwide Christians,

Jesus-14-Stations-of-the-Cross-PictureCrusaders and Pilgrims who have been following this path since early ancient days. The path has been changed over the history, but the spiritual tradition remained. The way of the cross – Via Dolorosa marks Jesus path after being convicted by Pilate.

During History, the way of the cross 14 stations via dolorosa have been changed several times, in the 8th century the starting point was The Garden of Gethsemane, at the 14th century the beginning was the church of the Holy Sepulchre and today the starting point as the Lion’s gate in the Muslim Quarter, but it’s possible to state that the exact location of each station is less important but the spiritual impact counts. The Stations of the Cross pass through Jerusalem old city streets, crowded souvenir shops, markets and snack bars. click here for Jerusalem’s Top Churches tour. and the route of 14 Stations of the Cross up to his Crucifixion and Burial.

The Via Dolorosa – 14 stations of the Cross, Traditional forms are:

  1. 14 Stations Via Dolorosa Jesus Way of the Cross SouvenirJesus is Condemned to Die.
  2. Jesus is made to Bear His Cross.
  3. Jesus Falls the First Time
  4. Jesus Meets His Mother
  5. Simon Helps Jesus Carry His Cross
  6. Veronica Wipes Jesus’ Face
  7. Jesus Falls the Second Time
  8. Jesus Meets the Women of Jerusalem
  9. Jesus Falls the Third Time
  10. Jesus is Stripped.
  11. Jesus is nailed to the Cross.
  12. Jesus Dies on the Cross
  13. Jesus is Taken Down from the Cross.
  14. Jesus is laid in the Tomb.
  • Some traditions include the Resurrection of Jesus as the 15th station.
  • Click here for Way of the Cross Crafts and Souvenirs originally from the Holy Land.

Stations of the Cross pictures and images:

Old signs of the 5th Station of the Cross, Jerusalem Via Dolorosa


Ancient cross marks and signs of the 6th Station of the Cross, Jerusalem Via Dolorosa



The Via Dolorosa 14 Stations of the Cross Jerusalem map:

Jerusalem-Via-Dolorosa-14-stations-of the cross map

Along the Stations of the Cross and in the Old City, you can find many stands and stores offering Holy Land Christian Souvenirs, Gifts and Crafts marking the way of the Cross.


Jesus Christ Carrying the cross - 14 stations of the Cross

Jesus Christ Carrying the cross - 14 stations of the Cross

3 Responses to 14 stations way of the Cross – Via Dolorosa Jerusalem

  • Horace says:

    The Via Dolorosa’s path also known as the 14 Stations of the Cross is based on bible quotes and scriptures, though my dream to visit the holy land Christian main sites seems like impossible financially and due to security issues in the Holy land this article surely gave me a glimpse. At least a general but detailed idea of what is waiting for me in case I will be lucky enough to visit on day.
    The website is wonderful; I would appreciate more photos and pictures from the holy land.

  • admin says:

    The 14 stations of the cross is a route that almost any Pilgrim or tourist walk when visiting the Holy Land Christian sites. it helps to understand what went on at each stop and the Via Dolorosa trail is indeed of spiritual , historical and cultural significance.
    we have just recently added amazing and rare unique ancient photos of the sacred Christian Holy land sites, it will be amazing to view ancient pictures of the 14 stations cross walk…we will surely upload them, you can also view

  • Joshua Timber says:

    I am not religious person, I did walk at the 14 stations of the cross path with Christian friends. I must admit that at the beginning it felt weird, it did not feel as a sacred path or spiritual event. I saw big pilgrims group walking with a huge wooden cross following the via dolorosa path, carrying it from station to station and thought to my self how weird it seems…but as long as we walked the ancient Jerusalem streets and stations (among the whole 14 stations of the cross) it was definitely a new exciting experience. the loud shouting of the street market stand owners, the smell of the food and drinks, the crowded narrow passageways and the people walking rapidly in the street gave a vivid and intense sense of authenticity. for few minutes I managed (as none believer) to imagine how it looked like back then thousands of years ago, who knows? perhaps it looked the same back then. it was a very special feeling which I warmly recommend even to none religious people.
    I must admit that this post and blog presents the details beautifully.

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