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Christian Holy Land Pilgrims and Crusaders

Worldwide Christians consider as high privilege visit to the cave in which Jesus Christ was born or standing sadly next to the spot he was crucified, prayer silently or light a candle in Jesus tomb. Along history, Christian crusaders and pilgrims often marched under arms in times where Muslims hold growing control over the Holy land sites.


The Holy land First Christian Crusades, History and timeline:

Christian crusaders, pilgrimage’s history and timeline begin and take place at the 11th-13th centuries. The Catholic crusaders arrived at the holy land through the years 1095-1291. The Crusaders fought in the Holy land for almost 200 years over control and restoring Christian religion in the Holy lands – their main goal was to capture the control of Jerusalem and the Holy Land from the Muslims. Crusaders followed the call from the Christian Byzantine Empire to hold and stop the Muslim expansion. Today, many Christian Pilgrimages cruise to tour the battle sites in the Holy Land.

The Christian Crusaders Death toll:

According to Wikipedia’s list of wars and disaster’s death toll) is estimated to take lives of 1,000,000 (lowest estimation) up to 9,000,000 (highest estimation) between 1095 – 1291 religious wars. Click here for more information, by Wikipedia, about Holy Land Christian crusades death toll and wars.

Christian Pilgrim Holy Land bible tours and Cruises:

Since the early history Christianity Pilgrimage, main target was to connect Christian pilgrims with the birth, nativity, life, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Cities like Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Nazareth, villages like Cana, Tziporri, Capernaum, Jordan River and holy land sites became a critical milestone in Christianity religion pilgrims and crusaders. There is evidences of Holy Land Christian Pilgrimages literature and descriptions dated the 4th century. There is no doubt Christian Pilgrimage Journey has huge impact and moral significance, it is a Spiritual journey of faith and belief.  Christian Holyland tours, vacations, cruises or spiritual biblical religious tours are highly common these days.  There are many travel agencies, and the competition is high.

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