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Holy Land Travel Tour and Trips – Follow Jesus steps

Travel and Tour in the Holy Land

Do you dream to Travel to The Holy Land? Tour in Jesus of Nazareth paths and footsteps? Let us help you plan the Best Holy Land Tour & Trip. Traveling Tours to the Holy Land is our expertise!

Christian Holy Land is proud to offer you the chance to join or arrange the best Holy Land group tour experience. You can join Christian groups, plan your own trip and even combine your Biblical Holy Land tour with a connection to other destinations as Jordan or Egypt.


Sunset at Sea of Galilee Holy Land

Sunset at Sea of Galilee Holy Land


Trip and Tour the Holy Land starts here! Read about the Christian Holy Land sites, view pilgrim’s testimonials sharing insights from their Holy land tour experience, view pictures and maps of the most sacred sites and places in the Biblical Holy Land and plan your trip to the Christian Holy Land.

We offer all kinds of Holyland Pilgrimages Travel & Tour Packages:

  1. Christian Holy Land Tours – Groups & Individuals
  2. Catholic Pilgrimage Holy Land Tours
  3. Orthodox Pilgrimage Holy Land Tours
  4. Info and Travel Tools- Guides, Transportation and accommodation
  5. Holy Land experience – Biblical and Spiritual tours
  6. Photo Gallery, Hotel Reservations, event management, holy places to visit, Holy Land pictures, maps and Christian Pilgrimage trip testimonials.
  7. Holy land Trip and Tour travel guides

Holy land pilgrimages 2012 trips target the most sacred and holy sites, Imagine you traveling from Nazareth to the Galilee. View the amazing biblical landscape from Mt. Tabor, Mt. Precipice and Mt. Beatitudes.

Sail on a boat in the Sea of Galilee and view Peter’s house at Capernaum or Tabgha Church were Jesus Christ performed the Fish & Loaves miracle. Continue to Bethlehem and the Jordan River.

Jerusalem panoramic picture Holy Land

Jerusalem panoramic picture Holy Land


Visit Cana – Jesus’s first miracle of the wine at Cana Wedding. Travel and tour Holy Land’s most sacred city of Jerusalem – pray at the Garden of Gethsemane and follow the 14 stations of the Cross via dolorosa.

Join us and experience the magic of the sacred Holy Land. Make your dream come true today!

Contact us for more details or simply send us your Holy Land Tour plan and get a price quote.





2 Responses to Holy Land Travel Tour and Trips – Follow Jesus steps

  • christine testa says:

    I would like to take my mom to the holy land on a catholic tour. she especially would like to see the via della rosa. I would like to swim in the dead sea!. i would like to take a tour between july and November

  • admin says:

    Hi Christine, Thank you for sharing – I am confident that your Mother will enjoy such a tour in the holy land Christian sacred sites.
    The Dead Sea, the way of the Cross (14 stations of the Cross) Via Dolorosa, Garden of Gethsemane, and the sea of Galilee is just a small part of the places you can visit.
    We can help you set up the Holy Land tour and send you all the info and recommendations. contact us and send us more details and please don’t forget to share your Holy Land experience in the future 😉

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