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Christian Holy Land Videos, Movies and Pictures:

Christian Holy Land Videos is the best way to “taste” the Holy Land before visiting the holy pilgrimage sites and attractions. Most of the Holy Land sacred sites can be seen online. We are happy to offer you a glimpse to some of the best Holy Land religious and Christian movies and videos, If you have your own video or wish to publish pilgrimage or Holy land related video, please contact us or send us a link to your video.

The Pope visits Holy Land Jerusalem sites:

In this video the Pope visited the dome of the rock in his second day tour, the Dome of the rock is the most sacred site for Holy Land Muslims and located near the area believed to be part of the Great temple and western wall sacred for the Jews.


The Pope visit more Pilgrim sacred Holy Christian sites in his Holy Land tour:

Vatican and Pope tour to the Holy Land bible sites, Christian main sites and attractions following Jesus Christ footsteps.


The Holy Land Experience Religious Theme Park in Orlando:

Another fantastic Holy Land videos and movies source is the amazing Holy Land Experience site in Orlando, FL. even tough it is not a sacred destination of the Christian Holy Land – it is a wonderful source for spiritual experience and allows worldwide Christians to explore their faith in a very modern and unique way. The internet is full with Holy Land Experience religious movies, videos, and maps.


Jesus 14 Stations of the Cross – Via Dolorosa

The next video summarize the stations of the cross and allows to worldwide Christians that cannot afford a visit to the sacred Holy Land the chance to purchase gifts, crafts and souvenirs.



The Holy Fire Miracle Easter 2011 – The Church of the Holy Sepulcher (April 23, 2011)

This video shows Reuters report on the 2011 occurrence of the miracle of the Holy Fire which occurs only on Eastern Orthodox Paskha (it just so happens that Western Easter happens the same Sunday as Orthodox Pascha this year)


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