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The Holy Land host wonderful sites and attractions to all major monotheistic religions. Christians and the Holy Land of Israel share the same passion and History. is the best Christian Holy Land window to the Christian ancient biblical time line, early Crusaders history and modern pilgrim’s tours, sites and places where Jesus walked in and his disciples continued to spread his word and teachings to our time.

Experience the Holy Land main site’s tourism, events and places with us. helps you to plan your tour or Holyland cruise. This site is offering a list of the top Christian sites, gifts and attractions! We focus in offering you the most relevant information about Holy Land Hotels, Maps, Pictures and pilgrim Christian tourist information.

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Jerusalem-Panorama View Old City

Jerusalem-Panorama View Old City

Our Goal is to open a window to the Holy Land Christian “must see” sites, share insights and information with worldwide Christians and allow those who cannot afford a trip to the Holy Land, a glimpse to its main attractions, pictures, prayers, souvenirs, sights and sounds.

Nothing compares to experience the Holy Land Jesus’s footsteps, exploring sites of pilgrimage and visit Christian holy bible places. Whether you have limited time to travel only in the major Christian sites or wish to cross The Holy Land Map following most of the Christian main attractions, we will provide the key information to help you fulfill your journey.

ChristianHolyLand – Top places and sites to visit in the HolyLand:

1- Bethlehem The church of Nativity The “Star of Bethlehem” is one of the top Christians holy land sites. Bethlehem has few main attractions view the list of sites to visit in Bethlehem.

2- Jesus Prayer at the Garden of Gethsemane – the stories of the garden were Jesus’s anguish prayer, and agony was so deep that his sweat seemed like drops of blood falling down to the ground and the scripts telling about The Kiss of Judas and the betrayal.

3- Jerusalem the Holy Land Capital. Jerusalem is the most famous and breathtaking city in the Holyland of Israel. This fantastic, ancient, biblical city has a long list of top places to visit – click here to view Jerusalem’s main sites and attractions or visit our MUST SEE Jerusalem Churches tour!

Jerusalem Western Wall Wailing Wall or Kotel

Jerusalem Western Wall Wailing Wall or Kotel


4- Capernaum The House of Saint Peter and Jesus’s base at the Galilee. Capernaum where Jesus made miracles is one of the main Christian Holy Land sites with ancient church and Synagogues.

5- Tabgha Galilee Church of Multiplication of Loaves and Fishes. The Church of Multiplication, Tabgha Church Mosaic at the sea of Galilee is one of the top Christian Holy Lands sites, worldwide pilgrims and crusader’s tour visit this site every year.

Fish and Loaves Tabgha Holy Land Souvenir

Fish and Loaves Holy Land Souvenir


6- Mount Tabor and the Transfiguration of Jesus Christ – Mount Tabor Church and the Transfiguration of Jesus Christ also known as the church of transfiguration is a top Christian Holy Land Pilgrimage and Crusades site.

7- Cana Wedding – Jesus First public miracle at Cana (Kfar Cana) at the Galilee. View the story, pictures, map and bible notes of Jesus Christ 1st miracle turn water into wine.

8- 14 Stations of The Cross Via Dolorosa or The Way of The Cross! Jesus’s path and stations at Jerusalem, from the Garden of Gethsemane to the Crucifixion and Burial.

9- Nazareth, one of the holiest and most popular Christian Holy Land sites, the hometown of Jesus Christ – beautiful town with many holy sites, sights and sounds.

14 Stations Via Dolorosa Jesus Way of the Cross Souvenir

14 Stations of the Cross Souvenir


10- Tzippori – Sepphoris, Hometown of Virgin Mary parents and Amazing ancient central town at the holy land Galilee, Key town in Jesus’s life and timeline.

11- The Sea of Galilee Suggestion for a fantastic Day tour.

12- Bethphage Church Holy Land of Israel -Jesus Enters Jerusalem.

13- Palm Sunday Sermon – Jesus last week in Jerusalem before his Crucifixion.

14 – Jerusalem Churches – Must see Churches in Jerusalem (mount Olives and Mount Zion)

15 – Qasr el Yahud – Jesus Baptized by John the Baptist at the Jordan River Holy Land

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